More than ever, a strong Business Development plan is crucial for most healthcare providers. However, simply meeting the raw demands of delivery can absorb most of your time and resources, leaving little of both to grow your practice. On the operations side, you have undoubtedly tried to cut expenses wherever you can, making the hard choices. That leaves the revenue side to shore up and expand. That’s where we can help. DiamondGroup Consultants works with providers in such areas as marketing and sales (representing clients to prospective referrals sources for new business), physician recruitment, IPA and network development, managed Medicare and Medi-Cal growth initiatives, new venture feasibility studies, public relations and communications.


DiamondGroup Consultants has a long history of working with payors of all the major health plans and small regional carriers. Included in this group are the workers compensation insurance carriers and the MPNs (medical provider networks) with whom we are experienced in obtaining panel membership for our clients.  Managed care is a particular specialty of DiamondGroup Consultants, where we have successfully obtained contracts for hospitals, specialty care, and ancillary service providers. We know the players and, equally important, know how to negotiate the best terms.  Our services include a thorough review of all contracts.

  • Behavioral Health

  • Chemical dependency

  • Durable Medical Equipment​

  • Eating disorders

  • Home Health

  • Hospice Care

DiamondGroup Consultants has extensive experience in the licensing and certification of specialty facilities and programs.  Our services range from identifying the best options for licensing with state agencies. and applying for licensure with the State agencies. We have worked with healthcare providers in the following areas:

We also are experienced in obtaining certification from accreditation agencies.

Business Development Initiatives

Payor Contracting

Practice Areas

Facility and Program


  • Independent Practice Association

  • Licensing and Certification

  • Psychological and Psychiatric Forensic Practices 

  • Treatment Centers

  • Workers' Compensation